Still Current Development actively supports associations by lending our services to many local, community-enriching projects. These projects allow us the opportunity to create some showcase pieces that benefit the community at large.

Examples of Still Current Development solutions in this area are displayed below.

A museum dedicated to educating, displaying and celebrating world cultures through exhibitions of international art and design. The museum was selected as an affiliate to the Smithsonian, which prompted a desire to have a sophisticated Web site to use both as a promotional and sales tool for membership, volunteer and benefactor acquirement and as a means of expanding their presence in the national art community.
FAIRLIE POPLAR - Implementaion Task Force Web Site
A Task Force was formed to facilitate the development of this historic, vibrant, downtown district that encourages office, retail, residential, cultural, and higher education interest and participation in a dynamic secure environment. In support of this effort, a Web site was created to help broaden the public's awareness of this area, which is undergoing a major revitalization effort in order to develop it into Atlanta' signature historic urban neighborhood. 
DUKE POWER - Energy Explorium
The McGuire Nuclear Station located in Huntsville, North Carolina wanted to develop a fun and educational exhibit that teaches children energy use awareness. The challenge was to create an exhibit that primarily was targeted toward children, but to also make it of interest to visitors of all ages. The solution included five, original, animated cartoons on the nature, source and use of electricity that visitors accessed via kiosks.

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