Still Current Development's clients remain clients. Why? We recognize that you know what your company needs to be competitive; we give you the tools and methodologies that magnify and multiply your strengths.

Our experience has shown that the best way to produce an affordable, effective system is by following a design-specification methodology and process. We work collaboratively with you to ensure that you receive exactly the solution you need the first time around. Our process allows you to oversee and evaluate the design of your system step-by-step, minimizing costly misinterpretations, errors and delays. This incremental approach includes:

  • A comprehensive design study, which results in a detailed and illustrated design document that defines the content and functionality of each screen.
  • A working software prototype, which allows you to fully preview the system before it is built.
  • Phased-in production, which allows for testing and validating the system development at several points throughout the process to ensure the resulting end product satisfies your requirements and needs.
  • Working closely together throughout the system design and development to ensure we are hearing and understanding how to meet your needs so that the system works the way you want it to work and does what you expect it to do.
  • Incorporating into the design your way of conducting business - using your existing data sets, familiar interfaces for data entry and the existing skills of your people.
  • Getting things right in the first place - building the working systems that performs the way you want them to from the day they are delivered.

By coupling our expertise with your knowledge, Still Current Development develops solutions that satisfy your business/e-business or web site objectives while concurrently leaving your audience with a useful and stimulating experience that they remember positively.

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