First impressions are paramount; does your Web site depict your business accurately? Customers interact with your company more often and in more meaningful ways in today's competitive Internet economy than in any previous time period; from accessing product information, company background, and ordering the latest products and services to obtaining immediate customer and technical support.

Increasingly, it is the user experience that determines whether people choose your brand or service over the competition. And the window of opportunity to capture the user's interest is mere seconds; this is why it is crucial to present your message clearly and have distinct branding.

Our creative team's core design skill sets include corporate identity and branding, information architecture, graphic design and usability testing. Our competencies in these areas ensure your interactive solution is an intuitive, seamless experience for the user.

For instance, our breadth of experience in information architecture enables us to lead you through the information design activities - assessment of business objectives and functional requirements, definition of target audiences, concept development, creation of navigation design and content organization - necessary to develop the content and functional blueprints of each screen. From this stage, the blueprints are passed along to our technical experts so they can design the depth of function required for your project.

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