Still Current Development has a long track record of developing successful technology applications for corporate clients. We recognize that the technical backbone of these solutions has changed concurrently with the changes in technology despite the fact that your needs have remained the same: to improve internal processes and communication as well as to provide clients with information and brand awareness.

Examples of Still Current Development solutions in this area are displayed below along with suggestions of how we may benefit your company.

THE COCA COLA COMPANY - The Channel Marketing Process CD-ROM
The Channel Marketing Program CD-ROM is an interactive multimedia program with both narrated and "stand-alone" modes. This includes a customizable welcome video and revolving images that can be modified easily to display materials from each audience's typical business environment. The program's core content is presented in a highly graphic, animated fashion including "A World's View in a Day": an animated round-the-world tour demonstrating the differing needs of the various international markets.
SIMTREX - Corporate Web Site
Simtrex is the world's leading supplier of simulation applications that help organizations improve their ability to evaluate and strengthen business-critical skills. Simtrex was looking to tell their story on-line and needed a more professional presence than the one they had. A refit was in order, design modifications were made and a whole new front end was developed to better align Simtrex to the markets they were pursuing.
STERLING PLANET - Corporate e-Commerce Site
Sterling Planet offers an upgrade to green energy, via a concept called “green tickets”. Green tickets are bought on the energy exchange on behalf of customers willing to pay a monthly green energy premium. Additionally, in order to promote energy conservancy, Sterling Planet offers the purchase of on-line, energy efficient products. The company’s e-commerce site was designed and built with open technological standards. Based on Enterprise Java Beans, the application server site can accommodate heavy loads and maintains a flexible architecture for scalability. Energy subscription accounts are billed monthly or charged to credit cards.
CLAIMS TALK - Consumer Service Web Site
An unaffiliated, free consumer service dedicated to providing users with advice, resources and insight into the automotive and homeowner insurance claims adjusting process. The company was gaining national exposure and desired a Web site with a stronger branding presence and more intuitive navigation.

Ways in which you may wish to use technology to serve your client base are:

Company Intranet/Extranet -
provide employees and other stakeholders access to constantly updated, detailed service territory information, employee directories, policy and procedures, and new company initiatives.

Internet-based Education and Training programs -

use the Internet (or your internal Intranet) to quickly and comprehensively train employees on new company programs or procedures. Or, educate your customer base on your rapidly changing market and programs.

Multi-state customer tracking system -

improve the efficiency of your sales and/or customer service teams with a comprehensive customer activity tracking system.

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