Still Current Development has a long track record of developing successful technology applications for both state and regional government clients and utility industry economic development clients. We recognize that the technical backbone of these solutions has changed concurrently with the changes in technology despite the fact that your needs have remained the same: to better communicate community, state or regional information to your clients.

Examples of Still Current Development solutions in this area are displayed below along with suggestions of how we may benefit your company.

MISSOURI - Economic Development Information System
The Missouri Economic Development Information System (MEDMS) is a user-friendly, database-driven multimedia program and data entry program. An SQL version of the databases and accompanying data entry tools were designed for easy use by Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) business recruitment and expansion staff. The program functionality includes full-screen, full-motion video; attractively formatted print reports with customizable footer information; and dynamic map display of database and infrastructure data.
PA SOURCENET - eCommerce Web Site
PA SourceNet is an Internet-based system that brings prospective buyers together with Pennsylvania suppliers of products and/or services. Features include: Search for Suppliers, Search for Sales Leads, Search for Trade Leads, Pennsylvania Company Enrollment and Export Readiness Assessment. Once matching companies are found, the searcher can contact them immediately through email or through links to their web sites. Through enrollment in PA SourceNet, export-ready Pennsylvania companies also become part of an international electronic trade leads network.
TEAM PENNSYLVANIA - Business Resource Network
TeamPA Business Resource Network (BRN) Multimedia System, Public Web Site (, and Professional Web Site are three programs with integrated underlying data structures. The TeamPA BRN Public Web Site is a database-driven data system that allows visitors to access selected data sets. One of the many features found in the public web site as well as in the multimedia system is a state-of-the-art mapping system that displays database search results of buildings, sites, communities, regions and other infrastructure layers.
NORTH CAROLINA - Economic Development Information Network
North Carolina Economic Development Information Network (EDIN) - a database-driven multimedia system. The initial program is distributed on CD-ROM and the updates are distributed via internal network. Program functionality includes multilingual full-screen full-motion video, attractively formatted print reports and dynamic map display of database and infrastructure data.
STAPS - Saxony Economic Development Corporation
STAPS - a multilingual statewide economic development system that includes video in nine languages, print output in three languages and all screens in German and English. This fully portable multilingual presentation system was created for the WFS - Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH (Saxony Economic Development Corporation, Germany) and is used by their business development representatives as part of their worldwide marketing efforts.

Ways in which you may wish to use technology to serve your client base are:

Economic Development Information Networks -
build a secure internet web site which enables your state or regional economic development professional to exchange ideas and information. This site can serve as the central hub for information gathering, resulting in better quality information available to all members.

Economic Development Information Resource Site -

build a publically-accessible web site which serves as a one-stop resource to site selection consultants, corporate relocation specialists and existing state or regional businesses considering local expansion. This site can include information critical to the economic development decision making process including: available buildings and sites, community profiles, general or specialized business directories, state or regional comparison information, labor force statistics and financing programs.

Multi-state customer tracking system -

improve the efficiency of your client teams with a comprehensive customer activity tracking system that allows you to: Track site, building and community referrals; quickly and easily generate reports on an ongoing basis for your development partners; and record success rates of marketing initiatives, which you can use to plan the next year's activities.

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